Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome to Pub Dota Talk!

Hello everyone, I'm here to talk about pub dota. But first, what do I consider pub dota? I think the leagues that make private and public games and have a variety of players ranging in skill levels - from terrible to semi pro. Leagues like DotaCash, DotaPub and THR are some pub leagues.

I've only been playing dota for a couple of years now, and I feel that the average player has nothing to really follow that revolves around their skill level. So here I am. I'm here to talk about all the things that I see in the skill levels that populate pub leagues.

So where to start? There is so many complexities in dota. And even when you may have a good grasp on the game, theres more. I guess what I'm planning on doing is writing little discussions and guides for what happens in pub dota play. These blogs most likely wont be valid for what happens in some high level scrims or pro play, but I'm sure they will help for anyone interested in getting better in pub games with random people.



  1. I play Sotis which is the same as dota but in sc2 !
    following you ;)

  2. Wow i haven't heard of Dota in so long. Memories

  3. You should give it a try when dota2 come out!